Friday, March 26, 2010

Jung's env painting homework - group project 1

Now, I'm working on group project that work on certain theme.
In this project, each individual is all seperated into each group that consist of 4 or 5 people, and my group is charge of the theme 'Adventure of Sailing ship in an arctic waste land'

Saturday, March 6, 2010

School works vol.5 - front&back page of children's book project

Before we works on world war Z assignment, we were working on project making childrens book. This two images are back and pront pages of book.
the style of the painting is highly inspired by artwork of game called DISGAIA published by Nihon Ich

School works vol.4 - updated one

As a mid-term assignment, I picked one of my environmental painting and put more detail on it.

School works vol.3 - world war z project 2

These are also visual project works for World War z assignment.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

School works vol.2 - world war z project 1

It's my first attempt to use 3d rendered image and paint over it

actually, it was fun. and i felt it dramatically boosted my speed of painting

Monday, March 1, 2010

School works vol.1 - Jung's environmental painting class

My Old works Series Vol.7 - personal project "Blue lion" vol.2

Yes.. It's ganna be some sort of old school Final Fantasy style game.
ps. To tell frankly, I first thought that this type of clean lined painting would be easy one, but it was not actually. :<

My Old works Series Vol.6 - personal project "Blue lion"

All images here is characters images for personal project. "Blue lion." This project is making JRPG game with Rpg maker XP.
* In this project, I collaborate with my korean friend who mainly charges of story of the game.
His story is very awesome!!

My Old works Series Vol.5 - OTIS 1ST semester in Digital Media "environmental painting"

they are also painted During the last semester. most works here was used for the projectMedia and motion class 1 class mid term assignment.

My Old works Series Vol.4 - OTIS 1ST semester in Digital Media "characters"

Usually, all students in OTIS has a tough scedule and it is rarely happen to have free time to
work on personal favorite work. They were all done during each small free time during the last semester.

My Old works Series Vol.3 - painting with acrilic

This work was painted as a parts of portfolio when I was applying Otis Art & Design
painted with acrilic and I took around 15days.
(I know, it was too long.... i'm lasy :D)

My Old works Series Vol.2 - colorized characters