Monday, April 26, 2010

3d rigged character_demon - media and motion 2

3d rigged character_prince - media and motion 2

Bears in iceland.

It was for my final works for Jung's environment.

Roman style city.

I've just tried to make some sort of Roman style cityscape.
even though my attempts to depict exact roman style, as a somewhat fantasy city, it looks not too bad. I'm kind of satistied. :D

the last character for Jung's env class

this guy is my most favorite out of all character i've done in this class!!! yeah~

3D environment class - Almost done!

I'm almost done with this 3d environment scene. maybe I'll put little more detail, or color correction on it, but other than that, I think that there is almost nothing I can do more on it.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

ongoing process: 3d environment

This is a work that is 80% finishied. For the entire semester, we are working on making one scene based on the concept art we chosed at the 1st day of the class.
It will be finished in the next 3-4 week

3d rigged character: media & motion2

Jung's env painting homework - group project 2